Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY It's A Small World Framed Art

This was a super simple project, with a big impact. It was budget friendly in the scope of framed art, but still the most expensive part of the room makeover; go figure. But when you break it down, these were just over $12 each. Not at all bad for framed artwork. And these really tied the room together for me, so I was willing to spend the money.

I was able to purchase everything through Amazon. I shopping with Amazon because they deliver everything to the cottage. With two in carseats, shopping isn't full of magic for me! I found an adorable It's A Small World mini calendar here, and the frames here. I chose to use these shadow box frames because they were the cheapest black 8x8 frames I could find. As chance would have it, I really like how they look. And since the calendar pages were not quite 8x8, I simply matted them on 8x8 cardstock in various colors to match the art. I already had the cardstock, so that was a little money saved right there. I also used the cardboard inserts from the frames to figure out the placement on the wall, as in this tutorial on eHow. Brilliant! These pictures really did do a lot to complete the room, and I couldn't have asked for more perfect art work!

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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