Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY Disney Travel Mug

This project is so easy it almost seems like cheating! But I post it as a fantastic Tinkerbell Treasure idea - cheap and easy. That's how we like our crafts, not our Mousekateers! This is an especially good Tinkerbell Treasure idea for the men in your travel party.

On a recent trip to JoAnn's I found these Color A Travel Mugs in the bargain bins. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how much they were, but if memory serves, they were about $2.00 a piece. Now these come with some pre-printed coloring pages, so if you want to hang on to those and give them to your kids as entertainment on the trip, you get bonus points for thriftiness.

To Disney-fy these, I simply traced the liner onto a Magic Kingdom map, cut it out, and slipped it into the mug. It was THAT SIMPLE. And wouldn't Jimminy Cricket give this his seal of Environmentality? I think so. It's a great way to upcycle those maps I just can help but bring home. And there are plenty of maps to differentiate your mugs: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney, and any special events maps like Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Since we tend to stay in the villas and make our own meals, we see these as our own refillable mugs! Enjoy this one Mousekateers, and until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!


  1. These are so cool! I think I will be making some later today! Thanks for the idea!

  2. LOVE this idea! Super easy, yet a really fun way to remember or look forward your WDW trip.