Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sitting With Grandmother Willow: Bizzi Kozdron

Today we have a guest in the cottage! Please meet Bizzi Kozdron of Bizzibands!

Disney by the numbers (with apologies to Harpers):

Number of trips you have made:
Well over 30.  Been almost every year since 1972. 
Date of your first trip:
1972...I believe it was October. We stayed at Fort Wilderness.  Still my favorite place!!
Date of your next trip:
January 2014, for the WDW Marathon Weekend!
Number of Resorts you've stayed in:
13 - Can't believe I've not stayed at the Contemporary...yet!
Usual number in your travel party:
2 - Just my husband, Dan, and I.
Pairs of mouse ears in your cottage:
Just 2! 

Do you prefer WDW or Disneyland (or perhaps another)? WDW.  Obviously it is much closer than Disneyland, but when you see how much there is to do at The World...4 very different parks, twice as many parades and nighttime shows to choose from!  And the resorts! You are always in The Bubble (which is what we call The World).  There is a very distinct feel to WDW, and so much of it comes from being so immersed in Disney Magic when you are staying on property.  

How do you usually travel to Disney? Fly.  Don't think I have the patience to drive there anymore!  I can't get there fast enough!

Do you have any tips for trips? HAVE FUN!!  So many people micro-manage their trips, and it really takes a lot of the fun out of going.  Of course you have to plan around ADR's, but when I see people making spread sheets for each day, planned down to the minute...I don't get it.  We've made trips to The Bubble without a single reservation, and sometimes have found ourselves dining someplace we never actually considered.  Of course maybe this is much easier, since we don't have kids, but we know families with little one's who have done this and they seem to have the best trips. Make room for spontaniety at by the seat of your pants, if you can!

Do you have a favorite place to eat while in Disney? Artist Point at The Wilderness Lodge.  Hands down our favorite place on property to eat.  Of course, Cinderella's Royal Table is a close second.  Partly because we love the food and have made a close friend who is a server there, but mainly because that was where Dan proposed to me!  What is more magical than that?

What is your absolute DON'T MISS attraction?  My top 2 are no longer at The World, and those were Snow White's Scary Adventures and Mr. Toads Wild Ride.  I'm heartbroken over their absence.  But, at the Magic Kingdom it is the Haunted Mansion, Epcot it is Soarin', Animal Kingdom it's Expedition Everest, and at Studios it is a tie between Toy Story Midway Mania and the Tower of Terror.  Don't make me choose just one!!

Stage shows, yes or no? I don't make time to see them, but when I catch them I love them.  So, let's say...maybe??

Parades, yes or no? YES!!  The Main Street Electrical Parade is the most fantastic parade Disney has ever put on.  Also, the Boo to You parade at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is a very close second.  My favorite day time parade is the Move it Shake it parade.  Seeing the characters dancing in the street with guests is so awesome.  

Best Fast Pass to get: Peter Pan.  They have the most misleading queue area!  Regardless of the wait time posted, you look and think the line's not too bad at all!  So you get in line, then remember, or realize, the line goes around the corner by the bathrooms!  I always get sucked into that for some reason.  So, fast pass is where it's at!

Favorite park: The Magic Kingdom. I can't say enough about how much I love it!

One piece of advice you'd give a novice about WDW:  STAY ON PROPERTY!!

How do you create extra magic for your family?  I have several Disney cook books, so I like to make dishes to bring us back to a certain time or place at Disney.  My cousin Chris and his wife Kathy are huge Disney fans, as well, so when we get together we spend the whole time talking Disney.  We actually have done photo scavenger hunts, and one time we left something behind for them in a flower bed for them to find!  I also like to make little cards for my husband with Disney stickers and papers, especially before a trip! 

Tell us about your blog/Etsy/website:  My website is  I make and sell fantastic no-slip headbands, keychains, lanyards and pacifier clips. The website only has headbands, at this time, but I am also on InstaGram and Facebook, where all my products are featured. I've begun doing more with Disney inspired ribbons, and they've been a real hit!

How can we connect with you? My website is; my Face Book page is Bizzibands; and I'm on InstaGram under Bizzibands.  Anyone with questions or comments can contact me via email -

Thanks Bizzi, for taking the time to let us get to know you! Looks like you have a lot in common with the Disney fans here at Merryweather's Cottage! 

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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