Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DIY Disney Popcorn Bucket Makeover

We are savers; I admit it. I love all things Disney and I hate to toss even the smallest items. I'm always convinced I can find a way to use them all! And I love all the different designs that come on those souvenir popcorn buckets in the Disney Parks. And since we are constantly in need of snacks, we tend to collect a LOT of buckets.

So what do you do with all those popcorn buckets after all the popcorn has been eaten in the parks? Here's our list of top 10 ideas for reusing your bucket that would make Jiminy Cricket (and his environmentality campaign) proud:

  1. Disney Movie Night! Why not reuse those buckets for the same purpose they were intended for? Fill them with your favorite popcorn and pop in your favorite Disney movie and remember the magic!
  2. Bath Time! While we are at the parks we find these to be the best bath toy. Even at home we like to use them for washing the kids, and washing the dog. 
  3. Picnic Buckets: We like to fill each bucket with an individual picnic for the park or field trip days. With food allergies, it's better to be safe so we always pack our own food.
  4. Airplane Snack Buckets: I like to use all our leftover snack credits from the dining plan to fill up these buckets with Disney treats to have on the way home. There's nothing better than a little Disney magic to soften the blow of leaving The Happiest Place On Earth.
  5. Berry Picking Pails: We love to pick our own berries in the strawberry and raspberry fields all summer. These are the perfect size for small hands and clean up easily too.
  6. Sand Toys! We have been known to take these with us to Lake Michigan to build sandcastles and dig giant sand pits. The handles make it easy to tote water too! And when you are going back and forth it keeps your sunscreen separate from the other items in your beach bag. No spills!
  7. Backseat Trash Cans: Our road trips to Disney have been long and the car seems to get trashed in no time! One line of defense against this is making sure they have a place to put all their trash. These buckets can attach to the headrest in front and they hold a lot!
  8. Trick or Treat Bucket: Obviously the halloween themed buckets would be perfect for this!
  9. Play Kitchen Utensil Holder: With Little Chef in our cottage, we have a fairly extensive collection of things in the play kitchen. We use one of these popcorn buckets to corral all the utensils meant for the kids.
  10. Lego Bin: This bucket is the right size to carry a whole lego project and it's instructions for a road trip or even just a quick trip to Grandma's house.
There you have it! Ten ways to reuse those Disney popcorn buckets once you get home. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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