Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DIY Disney T-shirt Yarn Baskets

Remember how, long, long ago, I was creating a Disney T-shirt quilt? Well that project is still underway. It's just that it takes A LOT of T-shirts to create a quilt and I seem to be short by about nine. So until such time as we have more shirts than we can cycle through (that may be a while!) the project is on hold.

BUT, I did wind up with a bunch of t-shirt scraps from the bottoms of the t-shirts, and I wasn't keen on throwing them all away. So I scoped out Pinterest and found a couple tutorials on how to make t-shirt yarn (so simple), and how to join t-shirt yarn (a little tricky, but I finally got the hang of it), and then whipped up some cute and functional baskets from the scraps! I LOVE it when my projects are functional as well as pretty.

Now if you were really on top of things, you might try and theme the colors to your favorite Disney characters: red, yellow and black for Mickey, blue, red, white for Donald, etc. I was feeling lucky to just have enough scrap to make baskets big enough to hold my yarn projects! In fact, it didn't take nearly as much yarn as I thought it would. If you'd like the pattern I used for these baskets, you can find it here. I made the first one with the handles, and the second one without. I also went up a size on my crochet hook for the white basket, as my yarn was thick and it was difficult to pull it through. Sizing up a hook was exactly what I needed to make it easier.

Now to get on with that T-shirt quilt! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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