Saturday, February 27, 2016

DIY Disney Inspired Aurora Capelet

I love to knit. You know this by the number of projects I show you here! So when I found out we were going to Monaco (I still can't believe it!) I knew there would be some knitting involved! We have been invited to a 007 Gala at the Casino Monte Carlo. Be still my heart! It's not every day your get to play at being a secret agent in the actual setting of Golden Eye! I wanted my attire to fit the bill. I found this incredible dress on Mod Cloth (my favorite place to shop!), but knew I would need a wrap of some sort as I am bound to get chilly at night.

My inspiration was this Summer Rose Capelet pattern. My only hang up was that it didn't open and close in the front the way I wanted it to. And me putting anything over my head at a formal even is a recipe for disaster. I at least know that much about myself! So I decided to try and tweak it to make it a wrap with a clasp. If you are a knitter and into all the details of how I did that, you can hop on over to my Ravelry page and take a look at the notes. I tried to document and give resources for how I tweaked the pattern. As it turned out, the roses were just a bit much once I had finished the capelet, so  I decided not to use them, much to my dismay. But the finished product is better than I imagined it would be!

I named it the Aurora Capelet, as it reminds me so much of Aurora's pink dress, as since it was originally going to have the Roses, and her fairy name was Briar Rose, it seemed perfect. Still, the capelet is fit for a princess and I am sure I will feel like one as I walk into the Monte Carlo Casino! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust.

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