Thursday, June 2, 2016

DIY Disney Tshirt Upcycled Bib

When you travel to Walt Disney World as much as we do, you can wind up with a lot of old Tshirts that are stained, too small, or simply "not your thing" (as Doc likes to say.) You certainly could donate them to a good cause, or you could choose to upcycle them. Being drawn to the crafty side of life, I like to upcycle.

The cottage is full of baby and toddler paraphernalia at the moment, and bibs are always in high demand. I especially appreciate the absorbent ones, as Happy seems to have been teething for a year solid and the drool has become an issue. Making bibs from too small Ts is a great way to get a little more life out of them. I know I find it sad when the last kid has outgrown that cute shirt we purchased in the parks several years ago. I also think these would be an awesome shower gift for the Disney enthusiast in your life. You know who they are; and trust me, these would be greatly appreciated.

I used this great tutorial from A Little Tipsy. It's very straightforward and even the novice seamstress could make a few of these at minimal cost. Instead of backing mine with Minky, I chose to use old towels that had made their way to the scrap bin. They are are nice solution to all the drool. I also found it difficult to cut around the existing neck of the T shirt. I actually cut out the Cars bib by placing the pattern on the tshirt so I could cut out the design, but then cut out the straps of the bib from a separate area of the tshirt. It meant sewing a few extra seams, but it was less frustrating for me that way. Michelle addresses this in the tutorial. I also found it easier to trace the pattern onto the shirt and then cut it out, instead of the traditional way of laying the paper patten on the fabric and cutting around it.

This little Tinkerbell shirt had a cute ruffle around the neck that I wanted to preserve. My pattern got a little funky, but I was able to save it. At first it really wanted to turn up at the neck, but after I topstitched all the way around the bib, the ruffle stayed in place.

If you decide to try this, drop us a picture in the comments, or link to our instagram feed so we can see what you're up to. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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