Saturday, August 19, 2017

Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park Polar Patios


I may have mentioned (a lot!) that my family are high maintenance travelers. We like what we like and we require some special attention; we know it and are wiling to pay for it. It's one of the reasons we love Disney so much. They have options to accommodate travelers like us! As such, we decided to reserve a Polar Patio this summer at Disney's Blizzard Beach water park. The Polar Patios are a reserved area for just your travel party (up to 6 people). You can reserve them prior to your arrival (ask your travel agent to do this for you!), or you can check and see if they have any available the day you arrive. After you have checked in at the Beach Haus (a gift shop near the entrance of the water park), you are all given wristbands and your attendant takes you to your Polar Patio. Once there, they will orient you to your Polar Patio and the services available.

 I am always worried about having enough shade for my very fair skin, and having a place to settle with the kids. The added bonus of having someone available to bring us food and drinks sounded like an actual vacation to me! We managed to get a perfect location (Patio 1) for our family, right near the kid area, a snack shack, and directly across from the restrooms. I didn't request a specific location so I don't know if it was dumb luck or if Disney actually looked at the ages of our kids. When you rent a polar patio there is seating for 6, towels, a cooler stocked with ice and water bottles, refillable mugs for everyone in your party, plenty of towels for everyone, and a personal attendant who will bring you food and beverage all day long. We definitely felt pampered all day!

I will be honest here and say that your experience with these Patios may vary depending on the attendant assigned to you. You will be given a phone number so you can text your attendant throughout the day, and they will bring you just about anything you like. Menus are provided on the patio for food and drinks available in the water park. Keep in mind, It can take a while for your items to be delivered because your attendant is physically going from one place to another to get the food and drinks you are requesting. So plan ahead and be aware that you may be close enough to a food location to grab what you want without having to wait.

The food options at Blizzard Beach were different than we were used to, as they have family platters and salads that feed up to 4 guests. It was a perfect solution for our family. Three of us are all about the food and two just really want chicken strips and fries! And here, as with every other place we've been on property, they are able to handle any food allergies we throw at them.

The drink options were great! They had a nice selection of sweet and not sweet drinks. Something for everyone.

 You will have the option to have a running tab all day; if you choose this, be sure to check out with plenty of time to get to your next destination. We were pressed for time for our dinner reservation because it took SO LONG to check us out at the end of the day. We may have been one of the last families to leave the park! Just afford yourself enough time.

Overall it was a great experience and something special for our family to do. I might not do it again, but it was definitely worth doing once! I'd love to hear about your experiences renting a Polar Patio! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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