Tuesday, August 8, 2017

DIY Figment Sleep Mask

Over the past year or so the 4 year old has been struggling with fear of the dark and "sleeping alone" (although she shares a room with her brother, I suspect she would rather be in the same bed and not just the same room). I have tried to implement several ideas to make bedtime more appealing and less stressful for us both! So far we have created a curtain that surrounds her bed (she's on the bottom bunk), started a kid's meditation (4 quick minutes, you can find the app here), used a dream spray for good dreams (an essential oil and water spray I just whipped up), and use of a sleep mask (remember these Meeko ones?). Most nights it has not been a struggle. This is a good thing!

I was watching her sleeping with her Figment stuffy one night and thought, wouldn't it be awesome to make a sleep mask of Figment? He is her recent obsession and it seemed like one more enticement for bedtime! So I got to work. I simply used the pattern from the Meeko mask for the right size and started altering it to look like Figment. I love how this turned out and so does she! It's a little bigger than I would want it to be but nevertheless she loves it. And it actually sticks out from her nose so it's not as suffocating as the picture makes it look!

I am sure there will be more Figment crafting in the cottage as this is one character we just can't get enough of lately. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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