Saturday, March 9, 2013

DIY Disney Laugh Floor Props

This is a fun little project that you can accomplish during your little one's nap time. (Around this cottage, we appreciate what little time we have!) We usually travel with a large group of people to the parks. This makes for a lot of fun when you wind up on the Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland. Our people are camera junkies, so naturally they all want to end up with their jokes being told and their mugs on the screen. The "monsters" who operate the Laugh Floor are looking for anything just a bit unusual - or easy to make fun of. We tend to cater to that esthetic.

If your crew wants to get noticed on the Laugh Floor, try making these adorable Monster Mouths. And if you happen to need a Monsters Inc. font, check out Font Meme. You can type in your text and save it as a png. Love it!

I used my Silhouette SD for this project, and design id #29673 (4 Monster Mouths). One thing I love about the Silhouette is that each image is only $0.99. And bonus: this image id actually includes 4 images for the same price. It's SO much more affordable than other systems that require you to buy a package of images even when you are only interested in one or two. 


You will need:

white card stock
Silhouette design #29673
Popsicle sticks
Double-sided tape
Silhouette SD (or Cameo)

1. Download your image; it should already be sized appropriately. Ungroup the image and layer all the pieces so you have them assembled as in the download image.

2. Fill in the colors you want your mouths to be by selecting the paint bucket tool. I used the same color scheme that was used in the image, but have fun with it. Maybe your crew is more Sully than Mike.

3. Use the group tool to group each mouth once you have the colors the way you want them. 

4. Select the scissor tool at the top of the page and select cut edge. This will ensure that you're cutting around the mouth instead of cutting out all the pieces of the mouth.

5. You are ready to print and cut! I always like to use the registration marks, because I know my machine with cut it exactly the way I want it to.

6. Once your mouths are cut out, use a little bit of double-sided tape on the back to hold the popsicle stick in place. I would actually recommend leaving one side of the tape covered and assembling these the morning you are going to the parks. Not only will it be fun for the kiddos, but you'll have some fun photo ops on the way there and back.

We hope you enjoy these funny little faces, and thanks to Doc for humoring me with these photos. As always, may your days be filled with fairy dust!

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