Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Taking Cloth (Hybrid) Diapers to Walt Disney World

We have been using hybrid diapers since Happy came along. I was seriously disturbed by all the waste the disposable diapers were creating but I needed something easy. And as it turned out, Happy needed something for some incredibly sensitive skin - even the sensitive disposables were too much for him. So we turned to gDiapers.

You may be wondering what a hybrid diaper is. Well for gDiapers, it's a cloth pant, a water resistant liner and a cloth or disposable insert. gDiapers offer a fully biodegradable disposable that can also be composted (wet ones only) or flushed. I love how Earth friendly they are, and I also love how gentle they are on Happy's skin. Diaper rash just isn't much of an issue for him anymore. That is worth his weight in gold!

But I will admit, traveling with this system seemed daunting at first. But once we were comfortable with the system it was no harder than traveling with disposable diapers. I LOVE that the gDiaper inserts can be flushed down the toilets. No stinky garbage hanging out in the room and no runs to the trash cans. Simple and easy. And both the pant and the snap-in liners can be washed out in the hotel room sink. We stayed in the Contemporary tower the first time we used these and found it to be no problem whatsoever. The second time we stayed at Disney's Bay Lake Towers and having the washing machine in the room was worth the cost of the villa. And having the kitchen was awesome for our toddler as well.

In fact, the two tips I would give for making life easier traveling with Gs are these: 1.) If there is any way to have access to a washer, do it. It makes everything that much more convenient. And that's what vacations are about for me. 2.) Get yourself one of these inexpensive suction cup drying racks and pop it in your shower (or on the shower door). Not only is it great for drying a few diapers at a time, it can also accommodate a wet swimsuit or two!

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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