Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Getting Fit With Disney

We have made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle here at the cottage. Having kids late in life can do that! And true to my passion for Disney, I have infused a little Disney magic into my workouts. Now if I were a runner, there would be no doubt that I would register for any number of runDisney events. But my old knees have been battered enough and running just doesn't do it for me. Too bad, as that would be a serious motivation for me! But instead I use an exercise bike, walk the neighborhood with the kids (or the dog), and go to yoga and bootcamp classes at a local fitness center.

The easiest way to get a little Disney in my workout is though music. I especially like Mouse House (which we bought at DTD in 1996!) and the Millennium Celebration Album. Lucky for you, both albums are available; Mouse House can be downloaded through iTunes, and the Millennium Celebration can be purchased though Amazon.  I also like a little Mickey Mouse Disco thrown in here and there! If you grew up in the late 70s and 80s, you know exactly what I'm talking about! You can also get this album through iTunes.

When I am working hard on the bike, there is nothing better for me than the Millennium Celebration album. I also have a map of Epcot hanging where I can see it. One lap around World Showcase is 1.1 mile. I can currently do 6 laps in 30 minutes! I love imagining which countries I'm passing as I cruise around the lagoon. Anything to make that time go by just a little faster, right?

When I'm walking, I like to listen to podcasts. It's s little easier to concentrate when I'm not pushing myself as hard as I do on the bike. Even the little ones like to listen. If you are new to Disney podcasts, let me recommend my three favorites: WDW RadioCommunicore Weekly, and Wedway Radio. All of these podcasts offer their take on Disney related "stuff" from music to film to books and events. These guys know their stuff! You're guaranteed to learn something new, and if you're a a Disney buff, there's plenty to spark those great memories. (And if you are road tripping to the happiest place on earth, these are a great way to pass the time too!)

Enjoy infusing a bit of Disney into your workouts or family life this week. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!


  1. WDWradio! Woohoo! Love that podcast. There are some soundtracks that lend themselves to working out too like Aladdin and A Goofy Movie. Both have incredible beats even through the instrumental songs.

  2. I had that Mickey Mouse Disco record when I was a kid. In fact, I still have it. :)