Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disney DIY 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments | Wishing Star Ornament

Welcome back to our 12 Days of DIY Christmas Ornaments series! This ornament was so easy I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!

About a year ago we had breakfast with the Princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table. We were even lucky enough to get seating before park opening, so we had some awesome opportunities for photos with just our family in them! Definitely something to think about when making your ADRs. There are lots of special little things that happen, and one of them is that you get a special plastic "wishing star" with your place setting. We are the sort of people who take all the little trinkets and freebies with us. It was cute, but it didn't really have a purpose and that gnaws at me a little. I like things to be meaningful and serve a purpose. So when I was thinking about my 12 days of Christmas project it dawned on me that we have 2 of these little cuties and they would be perfect on the Christmas tree!

The ornament itself was super simple. I cut a length of ribbon about 8", and stuck it in between the two stars while I superglued them together. That's it! So simple and a fun reminder of that morning at dinner. Of course, I could write the date and place on it with a Sharpie so the kids will know why it's on the tree when I am old and can't remember. But our tree is like that. It's a great big memory-keeper. And I love that.

Until next time, may your holidays be filled with fairy dust!

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