Thursday, April 24, 2014

Disney Road Trip 101 | What's In Our Road Trip Bag?

As a kid, my family made an annual pilgrimage to Walt Disney World in our RV. We spent long hours in the motorhome and my mom and dad, being teachers, made sure that we had plenty of activities to keep us occupied during that time. Now I'm the mom (and former teacher) and in charge of helping the kids stay occupied and happy on the long ride to Disney.

After this last trip to Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort, it occurred to me that others may find it helpful to know what we pack for the road trip. We live in the midwest, so getting anywhere Disney related is a long drive. Here's what we usually have in our "go bag."

First of all, I use a collapsable market bag. I found ours on Zulily, but before that we used an old diaper box. I think it's easier to see everything if you have a wide opening, and I get less frustrated if the bag isn't collapsing in on itself all the time.

Second, we need movies. I try and estimate how long the trip is for the littles by telling them in movie lengths; for example, "Today's trip is 4 movies long." This way we can track it together. I like to take movies that are enjoyable to listen to. Some of our favorites include: Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, Make Mine Music, The Jungle Book, and Ratatouille (mostly due to our Little Chef's obsession!).

Third, we need activities. This can get tricky. I try and cater to what the kids are into at the moment, so this varies. But some of the tried and true include:

Magnet activities and an dollar store cookie sheet including, story magnets, popsicle stick puzzles, and matching magnets; stickers (as long as you don't mind them all over the car seats!); coloring books and crayons; new books and small toys; car bingo and other assorted games. We also use the travel clips I posted about here if the ride begins to get tedious!

Fourth, make sure you have your lovies! We have had more than one instance where the special elephant or pillow had to be express mailed to our destination. (I have incredible friends who are willing to help out a forgetful mama!)

Lastly, we take lots and lots of snacks. In fact, we pack a snack bag for Doc (he eats A LOT these days), and a snack bag for the rest of us. We now have a fancy vehicle with a cool box, so we don't need to take a cooler just for the road. But we often have one with us anyway. I like cold carrots and apples on the road.

I'd love to hear about any items you take with you on the road too. Variety is the name of the game! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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  1. We have driven a number of long trips with our young children as well and have a few standard activities we take along as well (dependent upon children's ages, of course.

    Since you already do magnetic puzzles and games, you can easily print out pattern block or tangram activities online and make yourself a set of magnetic pattern blocks to go with it. My youngest loves these.

    A friend of mine had a great idea. She used to buy the paint by water books and then bring along a plastic baggie filled with wet cotton swabs for her kids to use in place of the water/paintbrush.

    For older kids, girls especially, friendship bracelets can be a great way to pass the time. They can make them in their favourite character's colours if they like. Boy may enjoy making paracord bracelets instead. Directions for both can be found online.

    Like you, I always had new books, either with characters my children loved, or ones that had them do something, like hidden picture books, spot the difference books, the Klutz maze book (reusable...not consumable), etc.