Thursday, January 15, 2015

DIY Mickey Bookmarks/Tinkerbell Treasures

These little items were so quick to make I even surprised myself! I'd seen versions of this on Pinterest, and have been wanting to try it myself for a while. Piece of cake! I had all the supplies I needed right at home and if you are a crafter, I bet you do too! These would be a fun little Tinkerbell Treasure for any Disney trip, especially if you have an avid reader in your travel party! I'd totally pair this with one of the Peter And The Starcatchers books!

Here's how I did it:


black felt
large paper clips
embroidery floss (I used red and black)

1. Cut out a pattern to use. I just hand drew this Mickey head. You could also print and use this one:

2. Fold your felt in half so you only cut once, but get 2 pieces.
3. Pin or trace your pattern to your folded felt and cut out.
4. Using your embroidery floss, stitch all the way around both silhouettes, stitching them together, starting one arrow and ending at the other arrow. Don't cut your thread!

5. Insert the paper clip at this point and continue to stitch around the silhouette completely. Make a knot and tie it off. Now you can cut your thread.
6. Your paper clip will probably still be loose. I took some black embroidery floss and secured the paper clip by sewing it right in the middle of the silhouette. You can barely see it!

And you're done! Simple as that. This was definitely a nap-time friendly project and I am certain I could make several of these in an hour while watching my favorite TV show! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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