Saturday, September 7, 2013

Directional T-shirt for Fictional Disney Locales Now On Redbubble

This is one of my favorite T-shirt designs. I've made this available for purchase through Redbubble this month. It reminds me of Fantasyland and childhood and all that makes Disney so magical: belief in what might be, in the fantastical and in the pure of heart. One day, I will make a real sign like this for the garden. Until then, I'll have to settle on the T-shirt. Not a bad compromise if you ask me!

This design too, is available for babies and toddlers in T-shirts and onesies. After all, it speaks to the wonder of imagination! And who has that in spades? The toddler set! Also, remember it's not just the T-shirts pictured here that are offered at Redbubble. They offer long sleeves, V-necks, girly fit, baseball Ts, and two styles of hoodies. Lots and lots to choose from! And because this design lends itself so well to it, it is being offered as a poster and a greeting card too.

Pin it, post it and share it, because you won't find this design anywhere else! It's available exclusively through RedBubble. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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