Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Disney Haunted Mansion and Pirate Candles | Halloween Decor

Today we have another take on some Disney halloween candles. This time, I chose to work with flameless candles. They are a lot safe for the littles and they accept the adhesive vinyl! True confessions: I tried the adhesive vinyl on the real wax candles; it doesn't stick. Big surprise, I know!  To tell the truth, the vinyl had to be encouraged to stay on the flameless candles too, but it did work and stay put once it was on there. I'll have to see if they make it through the year in the Holiday Decor box in the garage for next year's display! I'm not sure they will.

I decided to stick with the Haunted Mansion theme with the larger candle, so I cut out the crystal ball shape with my Silhouette SD. I could have done two, one for the other side, but I decided not to since it wouldn't be seen the way we have our display. And because the smaller candles were so small, none of my other Haunted Mansion ideas were working. I decided instead to go with the pirate hook as a nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean. I really like the one-eyed pirates on the candle to the left! And they look really pretty the way they flicker and glow. I may have to try this for other holidays as well.

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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  1. I think these are very cute! I found you via pinterest, and I have to tell you that since I did, I have read all of your posts! I love your blog. You are very creative, and have passed along many great ideas. Next month, I will take my kids to WDW for the first time. After reading your blog, I have been on a crafting roll! Thanks for the inspiration!