Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Disney's Up Themed Tinkerbell Treasures

I have a tendency to go big. You know, go big or go home? Well I tend to go big. Especially at Disney. This idea began when I saw these amazingly cute and super affordable aviator hats at Oriental Trading Co. I mean really? They screamed  Carl and Ellie from Up. I knew I had to have them for the kids. Then they arrived and were even better in person than I thought they would be. Next thing you know, I've ordered them for the adults too, and have plans to have them arrive with balloons. Now that would have been enough, right? Of course it would have, but then I got inspired to make these T-shirts that were from Paradise Falls, and then I saw these perfect grape soda pins from My Hoard over at Etsy, and, well, an entire package was born. This does not fall under the budget-friendly category, as I was purchasing for a group of 16. But if you were in the market for one or two people, you would find this entire package cheaper than a sweatshirt at the Emporium! Not too shabby for a super cool and completely unique Disney themed gift!

The good news is that you too can create this entire Up package for someone you love. Because these Paradise Falls shirts are now on sale through RedBubble. They come in adult and youth sizes! And because we don't want to leave out the littles, there's some baby gear available too!

If you're not familiar with RedBubble, get ready to lose an hour or two of your life. So many terrific artists have unique Disney themed goodies available for purchase. It's one of the first places I look for gifts for my favorite Disney nerd, Mr. Photos From The Parks. I have a few other designs available there too, so feel free to look around! I also love that these T-shirts and pins support individual artisans. That's always a plus in my book.

But the best part of this gift package was the looks on the faces of everyone when they received their gifts. It's why I do all of this in the first place! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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