Saturday, August 31, 2013

Disney Line Waiting Games

As our trip approaches, I am brushing up on those things that make waiting in line that much better. While many queues are becoming interactive (and we are more than grateful!), there are still those that require a waiting game or two (or five!) to get through. Here are a few I've found that engage our crew's imagination.

The first two, How's Yours and Pits & Cherries are care of More Than Mommies. Great, Good, Gross  I picked up from reading another Disney blog, but for the life of me I can't remember which one! Maybe from one of the Magical Blogorail Loops. If it's yours, please let me know and I'll happily credit you here. You Be The Imagineer is one we play all the time, evolved from our many Disney vacations through the years.

How's Yours?

How's Yours is best played in a group of at least four people. One person leaves the group and those left agree on an item...let's say "toothbrush"--The guesser returns and takes turns asking each person "how's yours?" the players give a word or short phrase to answer the question. I say "Bristly." Child one says "soggy." Child two says "green." Child three says "chewed." The guesser shouts out the answer as soon as she thinks of it and if she guesses on your word than you become the next guesser.

Disney Pits & Cherries

This is fairly simple, as it requires each person to say what was the best part of their day (the cherries) and what was the worst part of their day (the pits). You can change this up a bit and talk about the cherry & pit of the park you are in; or the cherry and pit of the transportation system; or the cherry and pit of resorts on property.

Great, Good, Gross

In this game you say what is GREAT in the park you are in (what still works and you wouldn't change), what is GOOD, but needs a refurbishment, and what's GROSS and need to go away. Again you can make this work for Resorts, Transportation, Restaurants, Movies, etc. Sky's the limit!

You Be The Imagineer

You get to create an attraction based on any Disney movie you like. However, it must not be a current attraction. You must also say how you would "plus the magic" - a term Walt would use to give it that extra Disney magic. Finally, which park and/or land would it go in? Bonus points go to those who choose a movie not already in use. For example: I would make a flume ride based on Pocahontas, the plus would be Flit or Meeko popping out of the canoe floor and riding with me. I think it belongs in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. Our crew can go all day with this!

Hopefully having these under your belt will be handy on your next Disney vacation! I know I'll be holding on to them for our crew. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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