Tuesday, May 20, 2014

From Mrs. Pott's Cupboard | Snow White's Iced Apple Tea

As it's finally warming up into summer I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce the next Princess Tea! Of course Snow White's tea would need apples, but when I brewed it, I could never find just the right combination for the perfect pot. I like to reuse my tea (you can usually get two-three pots from one of my recipes. But either the second pot was too strong and apply, or the first pot was too weak. If you are a fan of very fruity teas, this second pot is almost cider-like, so it could just be "your cup of tea!" But I am not a fan of super fruity teas in general. So I came to the compromise of using this as a one pot tea, hence the Iced Tea recipe. If you have an iced tea maker like the one here, you can simply use a coffee filter, put all of these in the basket, and brew as usual. If not, then brew a strong pot of this tea as you usually would and pour it into a pitcher full of ice. Remember that the ice will dilute the tea as it melts, so a strong brew is recommended.

When I think of brewing this tea my mind immediately goes to the Evil Queen brewing her transforming potion, to make her into an old hag. So to that end....

Begin with a black tea, as black as snow white's hair,
a teaspoon of skullcap & some peppercorns from the evil queen's lair,
add in some rose rosehips, 
as rosy as Snow White's lips,
a dash of spice & a bit of mint for the dwarves good fortunes,
and some apple slices, but be mindful of their origins.

Well, it's a good effort anyway! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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