Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's A Small World Kid's Room | Easy DIY Throw Pillow

Our Small World Room is absolutely one of my favorite places in the cottage. I fully intend to make it mine one day! But for now, it belongs to the littlest people in the cottage and they love playing in there too. But apparently the chair needed a pillow, because the littles kept bringing throw pillows from all over the house and putting them in their chair! Seemed to me like the perfect time for a little It's A Small World project!

This throw pillow project was very simple and easy. I know I say that a lot, but it went together exactly as I had imagined it would. That's perfect! Those of you in the straight line sewing club could easily accomplish this during nap time! We had a very beat-up old throw pillow in need of repurposing, so I took the old cover off and threw it away. I washed the insert to start fresh and then measured it to get the correct dimensions for the front of the pillow cover. I added 1/2" to all sides for seam allowances.

Note: If you want a tighter fitting cover, don't add length for seam allowances. My cover is much looser than I expected it to be, but the pillow insert comes out easily, and for me, that was a must.

For the back of the pillow cover I wanted two overlapping flaps, so I could get the cover off to wash it as necessary. We do DAILY loads of laundry here in the cottage! So I cut two pieces for the back of the pillow making sure they overlapped at least 3 inches, including seam allowances.

I finished the edges of the overlapping sides by folding the edge over 1/4", pressing it, folding over another 1/4", pressing again, and sewing the edge down with a straight stitch. After the overlapping edges were finished, I pinned all three pieces together, right sides facing and sewed them all around the outsides. I trimmed the corners, turned the cover right side out and put in the insert! It was really that simple.

If you are curious about the fabric, I found it through Etsy. It's called Smiles Of The World by Alexander Henry (2006). I'm fairly certain it's out of print, but you could still find it through Etsy as of the writing of this post. It is a perfect fit for our It's A Small World decor even though it's not officially Disney fabric! I used approximately 1/2 a yard for this project.

 Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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