Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY Knit Bambi Mittens

These mittens were so fun to make! They are my second pair of stranded mittens; getting the tension right is always the hardest part for me. And getting the hang of the thumb shaping in this pattern was a bit tricky, but once I saw it happening it was much easier to knit.

I love this design so much I might actually make a second pair! I've been trying to find something Bambi related for a very long time! Thanks to Drunk Girl Designs for such an adorable retro pattern! You can find this pattern at the link above. And just as a heads up, if you are easily offended, her other mitten patterns are probably not for you. I find them hilarious, but I have a former middle school teacher's warped sense of humor. So there's that.

I started knitting these mittens with the intention of making them for myself. They would have totally gone great with my winter coat! But as fate would have it, I started knitting them on an airplane, on the way to Walt Disney World. I thought I would go a little ways, check the gauge and adjust as necessary. Well, I got all involved in listening to my book (which you absolutely need to read NOW) and by the time we landed I was halfway through knitting the first mitten and had completely forgotten about my plan. And then I realized as I was finishing up the first mitten (on the way home) that I was knitting something for a GIANT. The gauge was way off even though I followed the pattern and used the same yarn! (This is a rather common occurrence for me, which is why I try to check the gauge!) Instead of ripping out all that work and starting over, I decided to just knit another giant mitten and felt them both. What the heck? I wasn't going to be able to wear them the way they were.

As it turned out, it worked! And although they were too small for me once they were felted, they are a perfect fit for my favorite 5-year-old! So she can enjoy the total cuteness of the Bambi mittens. They match her totally cuteness in general! Also, don't let anyone tell you you can't use your front loader for felting. Mine worked perfectly. So until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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