Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Packing for Disney 101 | Packing Schedule for Peace of Mind

I've said it before and I'll say it again, packing for Walt Disney World can be a marathon! This is our packing area just a few days before our last trip!

 It's stressful to try and remember everything you might possibly need. I have developed a system over time for how I try and get everything done, so we can have the best trip possible. Today, I'm sharing my packing schedule with you too! This is just how we do it, and it only relates to packing. There are lots of variables, but it should help get you thinking about the things you need (and want) to have. I've also tried to spread it out over several weeks for the least stressful packing experience. If you fly, you might need to alter this a bit, but for the most part, it works for us in either situation. For your convenience I have compiled this Complete WDW Packing schedule as a downloadable PDF checklist.

I hope it's helpful for you and your families; until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

Complete WDW Packing Schedule
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One Month Before
  • Decide if you are taking your own stroller; if not, place a rental order (same thing goes for wheelchairs and/or motorized scooters)
  • Place grocery delivery order if using this service in Florida
  • Get (purchase, rent, borrow) a car carrier if you need one and don’t already have one

Two Weeks Before
  • Get Tinkerbell Treasures/Road Trip goodies
  • Decide if you are going to ship anything to yourself at the hotel; order anything you may need from Amazon to deliver to your hotel (diapers, etc.)
  • Pull out luggage you will use and tag it with names (We have one bag per person, one bag with our pool gear, and one overnight bag for the family that we take into the hotel. Our road trip entails one overnight stop in the Atlanta area. This way we don’t have to unpack the entire van for just one night.)
  • Figure out which knitting project you are taking and collect all supplies needed to complete it
  • Download new audiobooks, apps, videos, etc. to devices
  • Make sure all meds are filled; call in refills if necessary
  • Make packing lists for all members of the family (I use the Travel List app.)

One Week Before
  • Vacuum your vehicle out thoroughly
  • Round up all Disney items that you like to have with you and pack them in bags
  • Package up road trip/airplane goodies and Tinkerbell Treasures
  • Pull out clothes to pack (especially if you are traveling out of season or the kids have magically grown a size!)
  • Start doing laundry!
  • Round up cameras and lenses and pack them
  • Clean up phone (delete texts, pictures and video that are taking up valuable storage space on your phone; use cloud storage to save special items.)

Four Days Before
  • Put a hold on all deliveries (CSA, milk, mail, Amazon, etc.)
  • If not using grocery delivery service, pick up any groceries for your trip, while on the road and at the resort
  • Stock freezer at home with a couple frozen meals for your return home
  • Pack dry goods in bags or boxes for the car
  • Confirm grocery delivery (if using)
  • Put car carrier on your vehicle
  • Locate your reservation info, tickets, magic bands, etc. and pack them in your carry on (or easily retrievable spot)

Two Days Before
  • Pack all clothes for all people (if using Travel List, print lists for those old enough to pack themselves)
  • Consider putting outfits in Ziploc bags by day to ensure your photos coordinate (at least early in the day!)
  • Pack up pet’s stuff for the kennel, or make list for pet sitter
  • Make sure insurance cards will be with you as well as any other travel documents you may need
  • Stock and pack your medical kit

One Day Before

  • Charge all electronic devices (including external batteries, tablets, phones, e-readers, camera batteries, etc.)
  • Round up all charging cords and plugs and put them all in one place (I use a small drawstring bag)
  • Pack toiletries (get ready from them the morning you leave to ensure you didn’t forget anything crucial.)
  • Pack diaper bag(s)

Morning of Departure

  • Collect all electronics
  • Pack cooler if you are taking one
  • Place all bags by the front door

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  1. I love this list! Thanks so much for compiling it. I am a big list-maker myself, and while I have a massive "packing for Disney" list, I have never thought to make a packing timeline list. It is great that you made it a printable as well.