Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scrapping On The Fly in Walt Disney World

I have made no secret of my love for Project Mouse. I have used it to scrapbook our family's last several Disney trips, as well as a few other layouts, and it's sure to be used to scrap the next several trips as well. But recently, I have also found the Project Life app. I love the flexibility it offers, how easily I can create layouts and record memories. 

I really wanted to be able to incorporate using the Project Life app into my scrapbooking as well. The Project Mouse kits are not offered as part of the Project Life app and I was lamenting this to my friend, Flora, on our recent trip to Disney. She suggested I save the cards from Project Mouse as pictures and then import them into the app when I want them. And you know what? It works! This is revolutionary for my scrapping habits, y'all! I could actually be current in my scrapbooking within the next year. That has never happened to me before! I welcome the possibility.

I am a devoted Mac user, so all my equipment is from Apple. If you are an android user, perhaps this could work for you as well, I have no experience with that. All I know for sure is that doing it this way, with iPhoto, the use of iCloud, and my iPhone, this process worked for me! 

Here's exactly how I made it happen:

  1. I selected all the cards I thought I might want while on our last Disney trip and imported them into iPhoto.
  2. I moved all those cards into an iCloud album called Disney Cards.
  3. When I was ready to journal on one of them, I opened it up in Rhonna Designs (I used this app because I love the fonts available, but any app that allows you to add text to photos would do the trick.)
  4. I added the text I wanted to the photo and saved it to my camera roll (or photos).
  5. I opened up the Project Life app.
  6. I added the card I just edited as a photo in the layout. Voila! The layout is done and my favorite Project Mouse cards were used!
All these cards were scrapped in the moment (or shortly there after) in Walt Disney World or on the road home. I cannot tell you how much I love being able to capture my thoughts about our trip, and any of the little details, before they are gone. 

I don't like scrapping out of order, so I am usually having to remember long after the fact what we were doing and who was happy (or not) about it. But by creating these cards the day the moment happens I can get those thoughts down before they are gone. And when I save the image, it's in order in my photo stream so I will see it when I go to scrap the layout! No more forgetting the little things! I could not be happier! Scrapbooking just got a whole lot easier.

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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