Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY Crocheted Disney Princess Wrap

This curtsy wrap pattern instantly reminded me of princess Belle when I saw it. I was actually researching another inspiration when I stumbled upon this pattern. And I had a wild sort of novelty yarn in my stash that I thought might be just what I was looking for. I have to say, it worked! I snatched up a bunch of this crazy fuzzy yarn from Yarn Bee at Hobby Lobby when it was on super sale. I had a plan, and then I had two babies, and I tossed that plan right out the window! So I'm not sure you can even find this yarn anymore. But I am sure you could crochet this wrap in one or two sittings. I worked it up during what I'm certain was our 479th viewing of Frozen. It required very little concentration.

I read in the pattern notes of several other crocheters on Ravelry that this patten runs big. Although I did work it in a yarn larger than that suggested by the pattern, and I went down a hook size to compensate it was still big on me; and I have very broad shoulders (so much so that I often have trouble finding a tailored shirt that works for me). So choose your gauge accordingly. I might even suggest crocheting in the round so you can try it on before the whole thing is completed and it falls off your shoulders.

I think this wrap it just the sort of thing you might need on a chilly night at the Magic Kingdom. Not too much, but just enough to warm you up. And it could be themed for several of the Disney princesses, depending on the one you like best. In fact, you should check out this beautiful wrap that TicTacTo whipped up. It reminds me of Tangled!

If you crochet this wrap I'd love to see it! Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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  1. It's perfect for a chilly evening and it's so pretty!