Tuesday, July 22, 2014

From Belle's Library | From Dreamer to Dreamfinder

Ron Schneider's book, From Dreamer To Dreamfinder is an interesting read for anyone who grew up in the 80s and 90s going to Disney. As I have  mentioned in earlier posts, I am a fan of the audiobook. In fact, I'm fairly certain it's the only way I can read a book these days and not fall asleep!

The narration of this book is by the author, which I usually enjoy and felt so-so about on this one. But nevertheless, the content, for me was interesting. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work as an entertainer for Disney, or as a cast member in general, this is definitely worth reading. And if you have an intense nostalgic attachment to Figment and The Dreamfinder, then there are some chapters in this book that you absolutely MUST read!

Rob Schneider worked in theme parks and entertainment for 40 years at the time of writing this book. He has a wealth of onsite into the differences and similarities of working at Disney and Universal. I liked his frank approach and his observations about management styles. And even without saying overtly what he thought of Michael Eisner, I think we may share a similar opinion! I'm always a fan of looking behind the curtain to see how things are done and this book is a fun peak into what it takes to entertain the masses. Overall, I think it's an interesting read. It's not going to change your world, but it just might enlighten you on how things are done.

Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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