Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY Disney Daily Agenda for Your Room

I found some adorable Disney-themed magnetic picture frames at the dollar store and an idea dawned on me for how to use them. As the planner-in-cheif, I am constantly being asked by the kids what we are doing each day - what's the agenda. With two of these little frames I can keep the kids informed about our daily plan and stop them from asking me every 10 minutes what we are doing! Must be the former teacher in me, but anything to make them just a little more independent is a good thing for me.

I made sure to get two frames. In our case this is one for today, one for tomorrow. If you like to park hop, you could always use one frame for the morning agenda and one for the afternoon. For each frame, I created a 4x6 daily agenda (with picture for the little ones) to let them know the plan for the day. I simply printed them out on card stock and put them in the frames. Easy and effective!

As I mentioned, these frames are magnetic, so you could put them on your refrigerator in the villas. But they also have a traditional easel back, so you could prop them up anywhere in your room. This is how it looks on my lockers in the studio. We're big Phineas and Ferb fans in the cottage!

If you'd like to download these agendas to print out, they are available right here. I created two for each park, the "start in" and the "go to" versions, for those of you who park hop, you can print out the "start in" for your morning park and then the "go to" for your second park. And those of you who stay all day in one park, simply use the "go to" version in your frame.

I hope you enjoy these simple and easy daily agendas. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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