Thursday, August 7, 2014

Disney Roadtrip 101 | DIY Lunchables

Here in the cottage we are at the stage in our lives that when the kids sleep, we let them go as long as possible. Sleep seems like the magic elixir! And on the road, it's even more true. You can make very good time while the kids are sleeping. But sometimes, when we are road tripping, that means the kids fall asleep and we end up driving right through lunch. That does not work well for this mama.

So on our last road trip, I decided to pack sandwiches for the cooler. The littles, however, don't really do sandwiches; they sort of shred them. And in an attempt to make things less of a mess in the car (always worth the struggle), I made up my own Lunchables. My friend Flora always says, toddlers will eat anything if you cut it up for them. And that holds true for our toddlers.

This was really simple and easy to prepare, and when I pulled them out of the cooler for the littles, they were delighted! I started with a disposable, square, plastic container. You can find them in the paper goods and food storage aisle at any grocery store. I wanted it to be disposable so we could toss it at the next rest stop. I then put cupcake papers in the bottom of each container to hold each food item seperately. (I also discovered that cutting off and using the bottom of a Solo cup worked for this as well!) This technique is specially helpful if you have a kid who hates for his food to touch! After that it was as easy as finding what they would eat, cutting it up and putting it in their boxes. Done and done!

If you have food allergies in your house, you know how hard it can be to find healthy foods on the road that are also safe for the whole family. This will definitely be one of our solutions to that problem. Until next time, may all your days be filled with fairy dust!

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