Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Robin Williams

It's already been all over social media, but I believe it still bears mentioning that we lost a great comedic talent this week. I've always been inspired by Robin Williams' history as a student, at least the story I was told at a teaching conference many moons ago. He was certifiably a genius and in many ways a typically brilliant student: bored and willing to take on the argument, always ready for the laugh. He was kicked out of several schools along the way, but still kept his own light burning. And as I heard that story (which I have never bothered to verify,) I knew that's a role model I wanted to share with my exceptionally bright kid. It's hard to be brilliant. Don't let the world, the system, or the authorities tell you who you are. You be who you are. And burn brightly. I think that's exactly what Robin Williams did.

He stared in several Disney movies and all of them are delightful, but by far his most remembered Disney role was as the genie in Aladdin. If you have time (or a DVR) you can still catch two more showings of Aladdin this Sunday at 6pm, or Monday at 11 am on Disney Junior. And since Aladdin is currently still in the Disney vault, it may be the only chance to view it for a while.

Genie, you are free.

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