Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY Disney 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments | Felt Cookie Cutter Ornaments

This is something I did way back in high school, and yes, it still hangs on my tree. It's faded and the sequins have lost a little of their sparkle, but seeing it every year is almost as important as the star on top of the tree for me. I've mentioned before that my family was a Fort Wilderness family. Whenever we went to Disney, we camped. And we almost always travelled with two other families who also camped. Our sites were right next to each other. I was the oldest kid and when I found out we were going to be in Disney for Christmas I was beyond excited! I knew there would be a tree at one of our three campsites that we could use as a Christmas tree, so I rounded up the other kids (there were at least 8 of us) and got busy organizing Operation Xmas Decor. We collected whatever old decorations our parents would give us, strung popcorn for garland and made some ornaments to decorate what was sure to be the coolest tree in the campgrounds.

Upon arrival, I realized, incredibly, that there was not a single usable pine tree among all three lots. Crushing! But not to be deterred, we found a small deciduous tree and decked it out to the hilt! It was the perfect thing for us to do with the adults got the campers situated. (There was always a lot of tension in getting the campers in just so. I think ours had to be cursed at just right before it would cooperate.)

Well let me be the first to admit, that tree was ugly! In that sort of hard-to-look-at ugly Christmas sweater way. But man were we proud of it! I wish someone had taken a picture. The one drawback was that every morning when the trash collection came around they would always slow down as they passed that tree, as if they were contemplating how it came to be and if they should just put it out of it's misery. I took to waking up with mom or dad to make the coffee so I could be outside and protect our ugly-tree from certain demise.

And this, dear friends, is the last remaining vestige of that awesome and glorified tree: my felt Mickey. It's completely hand sewn and kinda lumpy, but it has lived to tell a great tale.

To make this ornament, I folded a piece of white felt and traced around a cookie cutter. I then cut out two pieces. I hand stitched them together, leaving a small opening at the bottom. I turned him inside out, and stuffed him with fiberfil. I then closed up the opening and stitched on the sequins for embellishment. And I have to admit, that this is one of my more cherished ornaments on our tree! Simple and easy and chalk full of great memories.

Until next time, may all your holidays be filled with fairy dust!

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