Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY Disney 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments | Sequined Monsters Inc. Pomanders

These pomander ornaments are reminiscent of the ornaments my grandma would make with beads, sequins and straight pins. Her's were much more elaborate than mine and I've always admired them. They were the inspiration to create these Mike and Sully themed ornaments. I am so happy with their sparkly nature! And while these ornaments were easy enough to make, they were very time consuming. I needing a place to make a good mess and leave it out for a while. But with that, they were fun to put together!

What you will need:
2  3" styrofoam balls
a package of mixed sequins
1 googly eye
3 packages of straight pins with pearl heads
thread for hanging

I was surprised at how many pins this project took! I needed 1 1/2 packages for each pomander. And because I layered the sequins on each pin 2 or 3 at a time, these are fairly heavy ornaments.

For the Mike Wazowski ball, I started with the googly eye. I then started layering sequins on straight pins and pushing them directly into the ball. One thing I love about this project is that it requires no glue! I had fun layering these sequins this way and that, all around the ball. I did the same thing for the Sully themed ornament without using the googly eye. I decided to make the sequins tighter around the Sully ornament, as the white from the styrofoam was more obvious with the darker colors. I didn't mind the gaps between the sequins as much on the Mike Wazowski ball.

To hang, I made a loop of thread, tied it around one of the pins (and under a sequin or two) and pushed it in. That's it. They've been hanging for a week now with no evidence that it will pull the pin out, despite the weight of the ornaments.

And that's it! Shiny happy Christmas ornaments reminding you that laughter is the best medicine, what could be better? Until next time, may all your holidays be filled with fairy dust!

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