Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Disney 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments | Park Map Pomander

I saw this map ornament tutorial from A Living Space on Pinterest and I knew there was another great Disney ornament waiting to be created! After all, who doesn't bring home a handful of park maps from their Disney vacation?

If you are already a scrapbooker or paper crafter, then you probably have everything you need to create this ornament. I was able to create this one for under $2.00. That's budget friendly! (And possibly a beautiful, inexpensive, handmade gift for that Disney-loving friend!)

To create this ornament, I used:

  • a 1" circle punch
  • 2 Magic Kingdom maps
  • a paper maché ball ornament (but you could use any ornament you have on hand)
  • my tape runner for adhesive 
I knew the tape runner would be fine as I was adhering paper to paper. If you ever wonder which adhesive to use for your project, This To That is a great resource. I use it all the time. You simply put in the materials you want to adhere, and it supplies you with a glue that will accommodate your project.

This ornament was really easy to make too! The park map paper didn't always punch out smoothly, but I was able to clean up any circles that didn't punch out perfectly with my scissors. I made this ornament within 30 minutes. That's a project I can handle! Until next time, may all your holidays be filled with fairy dust!

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